Friday, April 20, 2012

Traitors Among Us?

When I was a kid, people and organizations which opposed our founding principles as described in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, were considered traitors by the general public.  They were looked down on and not much respected.  In our country’s founding documents personal freedom was the rule, not a massive, central government which acts against the natural instincts and conditions of men. 

Our administrative and judicial leaders in Washington as well as those in many states and localities no longer abide by the ideals which made the United States the land of choice for a majority of the world’s population. These leaders consider our Constitution as a meaningless and obsolete document.  If anything, too many of our leaders subscribe to the notion of remaking our country’s governance into a clone of some inferior foreign land most people on this planet would rather flee.

Too many of our leaders are traitors to the country they were sworn to uphold and defend. 

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