Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Does One Size Fit All?

Kierkegaard, a philosopher of the Victorian era, said that all cultures are not equal in their development.  What he meant was that during his lifetime there were people living in stone age cultures with stone age governments and societies, such as the aborigines in Australia.  However, there were also industrialized societies with  Democratic or Parliamentarian governments such as in Great Britain and most of Europe.  Most cultures at the time were somewhere in between.  That cultural reality is not much different in 2012, over a hundred years later.

I had a problem with former President Bush’s method of spreading Democracy.  His concept did not appear to be in sync with most of Iraq’s political traditions.   Iraq’s culture is very different than that of the US. After observing the history of the region, other than Israel, all countries in the area seem to prefer either dictatorships, tribal or one-party rule types of government.

I disagree with President Obama’s political vision for the US on a similar conceptual level.  Whereas President Bush wanted to lift Iraq forward towards democracy, President Obama wants our country to regress to an inferior, primitive type of Progressive/Socialist dictatorship form of government.  It doesn't fit.

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