Saturday, March 31, 2012

May 1 - 2012

I predict that around May 1 this year, the Occupy Wall Street group will be organizing large rallies in Washington, D.C. and other major U.S. cities.  I believe these large events will lead to situations more destructive than what our Nation endured in 1967 after Martin Luther King’s assassination.

With the goal of achieving unlimited power, i.e. beyond those powers granted by our U.S. Constitution, many in our U.S. government seek additional powers through the use of groups such as the Occupiers. They use these kinds of groups to create disruptive situations that are beyond the ability of local authority to control.

Step two is where the power seekers are able to take control thanks to the fomented crisis created by the unruly mob.

Assuming the Occupiers act according to the basic scenario described above, they become the ’useful idiots’ that power seekers, such as Lenin promoted.


  1. If your prediction proves to be inaccurate, will you reconsider your hypothesis?

  2. The Hegelian Dialectic has been the mainstay of American Politics for at least as long as I've been able to watch a TV.
    However, OWS is impotent.
    Therefore, the only way OWS rallies could lead to more destruction than the '67 riots, would be if they were the victims of a false flag op.
    Should this be, then the same will befall the Tea Party.
    Afterall, the powers that be gotta appeal to the blue team strongholds as well!
    Only see this in May 2012 if the fiat bubble bursts before hand.

  3. I wish this was simply a contest between the blue and red teams as you suggest. In my opinion, those days are gone.