Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bike Helmets?!?

Decades ago I was thrilled to be a nine-year old owner of a used Columbia bicycle.  I rode that thing up and down the hills of Derby and Ansonia.  It  was driven on Rt34,  Main Street and all streets in between.  I drove it to Seymour, Orange and Woodbridge.  It was used in places were no roads existed.  I never wore a helmet.  Nobody wore helmets back then.

If you fell and got hurt, you either learned how to handle certain situations or resigned yourself to the fact that you were a klutz.

I’m not against being safe, but am I wrong in believing we as a nation are being sissified when we wear helmets on paved walkways like our Greenway were no cars or other vehicles are allowed?  


  1. Regulations are for your safety... the government wants you safe, so that you can pay taxes as long as you live... Ain't that right Tony :)