Saturday, March 24, 2012

Occupy Wall Street

In the Fall of 2011 US citizens were introduced to a protest group calling itself Occupy Wall Street.

These protesters seemed to be divided into two groups within the movement.  The first group had valid concerns while the second group seemed to protest because they had nothing better to do.

Some had complaints regarding hardships and injustices heaped upon themselves.  The loss of homes due to a faulty mortgage banking system as well as joblessness and a lack of meaningful work opportunities are some of the valid issues found in this first group. 

Participants from the second group did not seem to have any meaningful, coherent message.  This group responded with clich├ęd answers when asked why they were protesting.  It seemed to me that they were a mob searching for relevance.  As time went on, this group began to chant anti capitalist slogans.  They claimed that they were entitled to take over anyone’s home, yours or mine thus showing no regard for private property rights.  They showed and continue to show little respect for public, communal property as well.  Unfortunately, this second group seems to have taken control of the movement.

As a group they are what Lenin would call ‘useful idiots’.

I find it disturbing that this movement is encouraged by President Obama.  I also wonder why the protesters with valid complaints glommed onto this movement when a powerful movement addressing many of the same issues already exists in the nonpartisan Tea Party.

The Occupiers claim to represent 99% of all Americans.  They do not represent my views.

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